Watch [Youtube] Videos on Firefox in a Smart Way

By | October 16, 2016

Watch [Youtube] Videos on FireFox ForeGround

Everyone watches youtube videos daily. But in this article, I will tell you a trick to watch youtube videos in a smart way. Before going to the point I will tell you a scenario. Everyone wants to watch youtube videos without disturbing their work like reading news, browsing and writing content ?. Because we don’t want to miss watching videos while doing work. But how ? I will tell you and I hope you love it.

Firefox is one of the best browsers which supports all the platforms like Windows, Linux, and MAC. Mozilla has developed many extensions for firefox. I don’t know whether you heard about FireFox Test Pilot or not. If you don’t know about it I will let you know. Because the trick that I am going to tell you depends on Test Pilot.

You can watch videos on firefox foreground without disturbing your work. FireFox has launched Min Vid as part of Test Pilot. With the help of Min Vid, you can watch youtube videos as you like. Just look at the features before installing it on FireFox.

Features (OR) Advantages :

  • Pop up the Min Vid frame to keep videos playing in the foreground while you work.
  • Min Vid lets you drag the video frame anywhere on your desktop. You can place the frame where ever you want on the browser.
  • Min Vid includes controls to let you pause/play, scrub, drag, minimize, and adjust volume right in the frame.

One more thing is like only one frame is opened always. Here we go how to install Test Pilot on Firefox and Min Vid.

How to Install Test Pilot & Min Vid on FireFox:

Step 1#

Open Add-ons and search for Test Pilot. Visit the link to Install Test Pilot

Step 2#

Install it on your firefox browser.

Step 3#

After installing you will see the icon on your browser.

firefox test pilot


Step 4#

Click on the iCon and you can see the Min Vid. Click on it then you will be redirected to Official Page.

firefox min vid

Step 5#

Click on  Enable Min Vid. Min Vid Will be installed on your browser. Then how to use it. When you click on Test Pilot Icon you will see the image like below.

min vid for firefox


How To Use Min Vid over Youtube :

Open Youtube on Firefox. Just hover the mouse on the video. Top right corner of the video you will find an icon just click on it.

watch youtube videos on firefox


After immediate clicking on the icon one frame will be opened and video will be played. You will be provided with all basic controls like Volume Control, Dragging, Minimizing and Moving the video to the original or main window.

watch youtube videos on firefox


I hope this helps you. If you face any issue while installing it or while using it please let me know. And don’t forget to share with your buddies.










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