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By | October 27, 2016

Hi, Everyone this is Thanish. In this article, I will let you know how to watch youtube videos without ads forever. We will see clearly with images thus we can understand even better. There are so many ad-blockers for youtube particularly. But the thing is every time we have to click on the ad removers to disable the ads. But the trick that we are discussing here will help you without doing all that stuff. Watching youtube movies without ads is a crucial thing because if and only if the ads monetize then only money will generate. We will see little in detail why do we have to use ad-blockers to watch youtube videos.

All of us watch online movies, video songs, trailers, and tutorials. There is no problem if there are no active ads on that channel.If they are simple and less time consuming means fine. But if it displays 10 ads for 10 minutes video it really tests our patience. Movie lovers don’t want to miss the flow and the hype of the movie. What if the channel displays non-removable ads ? We will watch if that is that only way we have. So at that time the time may be any of the above-mentioned situations, We will go with ad-blockers. Youtube is the top video sharing website. Daily some millions of videos are shared all over the world.

So in this article, I am going to introduce one of the best ad removers by which you can block all types of ads including youtube ads also. I have enjoyed a lot with this add-blocker I really thankful to it and really love it. There may be many ways to block youtube ads but from my side, this is the best ad-blocker for youtube. I have listed the best ad-blockers for different browsers. In one of the articles, I have mentioned about this.

How To Watch Youtube Videos Without Ads

Just follow the instructions and images. Because if you miss something you may not get the expected result. The adblocker is AdBlocker Ultimate. This is the best ad removers that I had known very well. See what all are ads we can block with adblocker ultimate. checkout this how to watch blocked youtube videos.

What all are ads We Can Block with AdBlocker Ultimate ?

Text Ads, Banner Ads, Pop-up ads, Pop-under ads, Overlay ads, Interstitial page ads, Video ads, Webmail ads, and finally Facebook ads too.

What are the Advantages ?

  1. Improve browser speed

  2. Improve page load speed

  3. Decrease memory usage of pages you visit

  4. Decrease bandwidth

Step 1#

Install AdBlocker Ultimate 2.23 add-on For FireFox

AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate


Install AdBlocker Ultimate 2.23 For Google Chrome

AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate


Install AdBlocker Ultimate 2.23 For Opera

AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate
Price: Free


Step 2#

In this one, I will be showing you some example images to make you understand. Mostly the videos with ads will look like below.


youtube adblocker

youtube videos without ads


At last, we are going to see the clear video without ads.

To disable youtube ads just click on the adblocker ultimate icon and select the Block Element option. See the below image.

block element option

One Pop-up will be raised and ask you to select the target element. Place your mouse pointer on the text ads displaying on the video.

adblocker ultimate

You will get with some options. Just check the two and click on Preview if you want to see the output. If you don’t understand just follow the below images one by one.adblocker ultimate block options

best youtube adblocker


best adblocker for text ads


Finally you will see the video without ads. Don’t worry if you are still able to see the yellow dots on the status bar. The ads won’t dispaly on youtube video.

adblocker ultimate result


If you see you didn’t get the result immediately. Just refresh the browser and see.


This is about how we can watch youtube videos without ads. Hope you like it. Please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if like it. If you don’t understand something in this article please let me know. Put a comment I will be here only. If you are already used this add-on then you can share your experience here.

Thank You ! ?





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