Top 10 technology of 21st century – You should know

By | August 17, 2017

“ The best way to predict the future is to create it”-Peter Drucker

Yes. It’s true. Technology is something with which we get affluence of operation in many aspects in day to day life. We are heading towards more technological life and we are trying to find solutions for each problem in more technological way. We have so many discoveries that made our lives easier than before and I would like to mention top ten technologies in 21st century.

  1. Bluetooth (In 2000): I think this is something we all are heard of and no extra introduction on how it works is needed. But still let me elucidate that it’s the technology that most of the manufactures began to adopt in mobiles and PCs. It is used for sharing media files like songs, pictures, documents etc. Many new apps are available for sharing though they work in Android only but Bluetooth is something which works in Android and non-Android phones.
  2. Wikipedia : It is launched in 2001 and we all know how useful it is. We can any kind of information on Wikipedia regarding a thing. It is a complete source of knowledge. Undoubtedly it gives you correct content with all the factual checks and this is all we need.
  3. 3d technology: 3d printing technology is expanding its feet, slowly in the world. From world’s first 3d printers to first 3d pen, it has grown rapidly in the last 6 year or so. Recently, in china, 100 house were made purely through customized 3d printer in just 10 days.
  4. Skype (In 2003) : Skype is an app which gives features like text messages chat and video chats and video conference calls. The perk is Skype to Skype voice calls are totally free. People are using Skype for professional, commercial as well Educational betterment as a medium of exchanging views and knowledge. Many industries conduct Skype interviews also. It’s a great platform for communication.
  5. Facebook (In 2004) : Honestly quoting, Every youth knows all about it right from the usage to privacy level terms. It’s the most influencing app that have crossed till now. There are 1.6 billion users from all backgrounds, nationalities and ages. Perk is it is very simple to use. You just need an email account or a phone number to sign up here. Once you are done with it, you can login to your account anywhere where you can get internet access. It connects you to people in most efficient way.
  6. YouTube (In 2005): It is the most popular and growing video sharing website now. You can upload, view, rate, share, add to favourites, report, comment on videos can also subscribe to channels you think you are interested in. Also, you can create your own channel to share videos to earn some revenue from Google AdSense. What you need is just a Gmail account for that.
  7. iPhone (In 2007) : It’s a smartphone and designed by Apple inc. Its first-generation model is released in 2007 and now it has reached to 7plus generation by now. It works on iOS operating system and has rechargeable lithium ion battery. It has gained mass market adoption (though it is quite expensive).It is termed as “game changer” for mobile industry and truly it is. iphone 8 drop test
  8. Amazon Kindle (In 2007) : Kindle isn’t first e-book reader in market but it has trembled all the records with its features. You can buy, browse, download and read e-books, newspapers and magazines here. It has over five million e-books available. It also provides send to kindle service. You can bookmark, highlight and search through the content. You can even publish your book by using “Kindle Direct Publishing” feature.
  9. 4G (In 2008) : Fourth Generation Standards are in use since 2008 and it provides faster internet access with much higher data capacity. It supports gaming services, HD TV services etc. Many Networks provides this service by now.
  10. Apps : We have various apps for various purposes in our smartphones. We have apps for downloading, for reading books and news, for communication and for what not. “Download that app for so and so things…” is the common saying these days. There are apps for time tracking, to make to do list and for so many day to day things. Personally speaking, Apps help us in many possible ways and 21st century has given this technological gift to us.
  11. Artificial Organ Transplant : The most talked technology is artificial organ transplant because it has saved many lives by transplanting organs. It has gained so much attention but it is quite costly. ( But many people use it as nothing is costlier than one’s life.) Heart, liver, Retina and Kidney like organs have experienced this transplant technology and fortunately many are successful. This is the great landmark in biotechnology.

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Technology has helped us in many possible ways to save our lives and to make our lives easier. Now it’s our turn to use it properly and improve our living with many new useful inventions. Let’s educate ourselves and go for betterment.

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