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By | April 7, 2017

Hello everyone, today I have come up with very interesting topic on how to send self destructing emails using gmail. In simple words the text mail that deletes after certain time like 60(seconds). That too you are sending from Gmail. We have a great chrome extension that helps us to send gmail emails that automatically deletes after reaching the expected time. I will let you know the installation, setup and usage of SnapMail step by step.

What is SnapMail ?

It’s basically a simple chrome extension. Yes, answer is that simple.

What SnapMail will do ?

The answer is, it adds a simple feature to Gmail in addition to sending emails. It’s just a button. With the help of that button you will send self deleting email.

Does it secure ?

Yes, it’s secure. It uses very powerful encryption. AES algorithm and no decryption until the message reaches the recipient.

How the Process Done ?

You will press the button Snapmail. The encrypted link will be generated with encrypted data along with recipients data. That link will be stored into the Snapmail server. When recipients click on the view message that link will be removed from the server forever.

Know more from site. SNAPMAIL.CO

self destructing emails gmail

How To Install ?

I hope you all know how to install/add extension to chrome. If you are not familiar with that no worries it’s very simple.

Go To Extensions Tab

follow the simple url provided to you. Just copy and paste on new tab.

Search with the keyword snapmail.

You will get list of extensions match with the keyword. Select the snapmail extension offered by Ahmet Sülek.

For me it is not listed. If you face the same problem you can get it by the following link.


Wait for few seconds to complete it’s installation. You will get one symbol greyed out icon on tool bar. You will get that when you installed it successfully.

How To Use Snapmail?

Open GMail. Click on compose button to send an email.

There you will see Send and Snapmail buttons. If you want to send self deleting text emails select the snapmail button after entering the text. That’s it.

Note: It won’t applicable for attachments. Only confidential information or secret text can be shared.

Tip: You can use Snapmail in Incognito Mode.


Copy the link mentioned and navigate. Go to snapmail and check the Allow in incognito.

We are almost done. I would like to list alternatives for Snapmail. If you want to try you can. You can feel it like complementary.

Destructing Message


Final Words

Snapmail is the better way to send self destructing emails for GMail. Although there are other sites to send self destructing messages, Sanpmail has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. You can decide which suites your requirement. If you stuck with doubts don’t hesitate to ask and don’t forget to share on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading have a nice day.



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