Making Mozilla watchwords

By | September 12, 2016

A valuable element in Konqueror is the capacity to sort gg onion to do a Google look taking into account the word onion. The same sort of usefulness can be accomplished in Mozilla by first tapping on Bookmarks>Manage Bookmarks and after that Add a New Bookmark. Include the URL as:

” “




Presently select the section in the bookmark supervisor and snap the Properties catch. Presently enter the catchphrase as gg (or this can be anything you pick) and the procedure is finished. The %s in the URL will be supplanted with the content after the watchword. You can apply this hack to different sorts of locales that depend on you passing data on the URL.

Then again, right-tap on an inquiry field and select the menu choice “Include a Keyword for this Search…”. The consequent exchange will permit you to determine the catchphrase to utilize.


  1. Difficulty: Easy
  2. Application: Firefox/Mozilla


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