Google Cardboard’s (Virtual Reality Photo App) Camera App for iPhone users

By | September 13, 2016

Google Cardboard’s (Virtual Reality Photo App) Camera App for iPhone users:- Consideration, trying VR picture takers: Google’s virtual reality photograph application is at long last accessible on the iPhone. Already, the application was an Android selective, yet now iPhone clients can make and view VR photographs as well.


The application, called Cardboard Camera, means to make taking, sharing and survey VR pics a breeze. Despite everything you’ll require a Google Cardboard, or any number of bland telephone construct VR headsets in light of the business sector, to see the photographs.

Cardboard Camera works also to Google’s Photo Spheres, with the exception of you’re restricted to all encompassing photographs. You can’t catch the territory above or underneath your sight line, which is a bummer as a complete Photo Sphere would be more immersive.

Notwithstanding, Cardboard Camera includes submersion by giving you a chance to record sound, so you can direct what you’re seeing, or simply catch encompassing commotions.

Cardboard Camera isn’t about making the most immersive photographs, yet points rather to make taking VR photographs speedy and simple. Since you don’t need to stress over adjusting the on-screen dabs simply right, as you do with Photo Spheres, taking an all encompassing VR picture takes significantly less time and exertion.

Imparting is super-simple to Cardboard Camera, as you can send and get shared photographs inside the application.

On the off chance that your companions don’t have a VR headset, that is alright, as well. You can impart a connection to them to see your all encompassing photographs on the web. Google has a case display set up to represent what that resembles.

Cardboard Camera is a novel approach to fiddle with the universe of virtual reality. The incorporation of sound unquestionably raises the experience, yet’s regardless it not as immersive as a 360-degree video.

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