Get SMS On PC/Laptop With These Android Apps Faster

By | February 7, 2017

Welcome to our tech blog. Today I will explain to you how to get SMS on PC in simple steps. Just with the help of free android application, you can access SMS or OTPs from your personal device/mobile. You can make it possible with absolutely free android applications.

In Our daily life, we may forget mobile or tablet at our workplaces or at home. Sometimes it is urged for you to receive messages or  OTPs for doing any online transaction. If you don’t have your phone with you then it is really difficult for you. But it is possible for you if you install the applications that I am going to explain you in this article.

One day I was thinking like what if I have lost my device in public place and I really want to delete my WhatsApp account. Most of us use WhatsApp and have our personal and confidential data in that. We don’t want to make it available to the public. This is the best way if you have a chance to delete Whatsapp account without blocking SIM card. You can store your contacts and chat history.

You can read about how to delete WhatsApp from stolen mobile without blocking SIM card. The good thing is like if you haven’t blocked the SIM card, you have a better chance to trace out the device easily. So this is a really good idea and more you can do like open your WhatsApp account in another phone in very easy manner.

In this article, I let you know about the application installation and configuration to access messages over pc or laptop. I explain you step by step and one after the other.

1# Secure SMS Sync

get sms on pc

The Best application that I have ever used before. A Very simple application which allows accessing SMS on PC always. You really love this application once you installed on your device. Very fast, user-friendly and simple. The setup is like, hmm nothing more. It’s too easy. You can download and install this application from PlayStore. Such a great android application store. You can download it from below PlayStore link.

Secure SMS Sync
Secure SMS Sync
Developer: Andrew D'Arc
Price: Free

Step 1# Download and Install

Step 2# Configure Your Email Account To Access your messages over Google Drive. Make sure you know the credentials of that Email.

Step 3# Give Some name to identify the File on Google Drive. The messages will be saved into that file automatically. Click Create File after Entering name.  You will get the Successful message once the file has bean created.

Step 4# Ask one of your friends to message you. Once you received the message. Open Google Drive on your PC using the browser. Enter credentials that you have configured with the Application in order to receive messages on PC.

Step 5# Verify whether you are getting Messages properly or not. If you are not getting then please let me know. I will help you with that. You may miss something or you may miss the order.

I am preparing Video For That. I will share immediately after completion. Because live video can make it more understandable to get SMS in PC.

I hope you are clear with this. Move on to next Application.


2# SMS Backup+

get otp on PC


Next best application to receive SMS over the laptop. You can restore them too. The interesting point in this application is you will get SMS on you Email Account(Not Drive). You can give your own name to make it easy to identify in the Emails. Before that Quickly install SMS Backup+ from Playstore or Simply download just following the PlayStore Link. Once you are done with the download of the application, we go step by step guide.

SMS Backup+
SMS Backup+
Developer: Jan Berkel
Price: Free+

Step 1# Download and Install the application.

Step 2# Configure anyone your emails (if you have multiples). Just like that. After that Check Auto backup and Connect checkboxes. To change the name of the Inbox in Email you have to go to Advanced settings link.

Step 3#  Advanced settings >  Backup settings > SMS

Change the name to something that you can remember easily.

Step 4#  If you want to test it out. Just ask one of your friends to message. To check latest messages are syncing properly or not.

Step 5#  If you are facing any problem please don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

That’s about SMS Backup+ application to help you get SMS on PC.

If you want to know more about this topic just let me know. If you know more on this topic please share your guide.



Here PcTric comes to a conclusion on best and faster android applications to get SMS on pc. I thought that this is very helpful for people like me and I wanted to share with everyone. Please share this article on facebook, twitter, and Pinterest to help others. Visit again for fresh content. Please share your thoughts on this article.



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