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By | October 23, 2016

Opera web browser is one of the best browsers now. You know the new version of Opera has released into the market. There are many things you should know about Opera browser. We all know that we have to install add-ons to block ads and for free VPN we have to choose which is the best. Think what if all these features are present in one browser by default. Super right! The one is nothing but Opera faster turbo browser. We will see in detail how to activate VPN and how to manage it.

We can install Opera on all versions of Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC. The browser name is Opera Coast for iOS. So what we are waiting for ?. We will see what are the requirements and all. The first step is to install Opera on our device. There are many ways to download Opera browser.

Download Opera For Android

There are many sites and stores to download android applications. But which one is best and most secure way to download and install apps. My recommendation is PlayStore. Just open playstore and search for Opera. There we see two browser variations. Opera Mini and Opera regular browser. They vary in size and RAM usage.

Download Opera Mini For Android

Webbrowser Opera Mini
Webbrowser Opera Mini
Developer: Opera
Price: Free

Download Opera browser For Android

Opera-Browser – News & Suche
Opera-Browser – News & Suche

Download Opera For iOS

I don’t know much about iOS. We can download Opera Coast or Opera Mini from App Store. The default app store is more secure because it is tested and verified by the company. It’s just my recommendation you can proceed if you have the better way than this.

Download Opera Mini for iOS

Download Opera Coast for iOS

Download Opera For Windows Or Mac

To download Opera secure browser for Windows or Mac visit Opera official website. We can get in detail information there. But we are habituated to get the information in one line. Here we go.

How To Enable Ad Blocker in Opera

After installing open Opera browser. It will automatically ask you to enable AdBlocker. Just press yes and proceed. If you don’t get that option. Here is the procedure to enable AdBlocker on Opera.

Goto Settings or Press Alt + P . Settings tab will be opened the first option is Block Ads. If that Option is Unchecked please check that. See the image.

opera browser for windows

How To Enable Battery Saver

Enabled AdBlocker right otherwise webpages load very slow. The next one battery saver option. This is important because some times we have to work with low battery power. It’s our bad time but we have to turn it into good time. Because we have an option like Opera. To enable battery saver on Opera browser just scoll down to bottom on Basic Settings. There you will see Batery Saver tab with options. Just Check them and modify according to your requirements.

browse on low battery

How To Enable VPN

This is free VPN service from Opera. Very smart. You can get the search results from countries  like United States, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany and Canada. I have tried it is working perfectly. You know what if you try to browse on Private Winodw Google detects the country. On Opera if you enable VPNGoogle doesn’t detect. One more thing is like you can browse faster even on VPN connection. So the question is how to enable that. Simple Open settings (Alt + P). Go to Privacy Settings Tab scroll down there we find VPN options. Just enable it and enjoy. Just see the images to make it more clear.

Opera faster web browser for PC

free vpn for Opera

One more tip that is very useful for us. Many times the shortcuts are vary with the browser. We can see all the shortcuts to control whole browser and pages on the browser. Goto help menu and Click on Keyboard Shortcuts. Or press F1 and click on the tab Navigate With Shortcuts which is at the left side. There we find all the shortcuts use take control over browser just with the help of keyboard.

Final Words

This is all about Opera browser. Everyone of us having softwares. If we able to utilize all the features completely then only there is a meaning for having that software. Just try new things when you are free. So, finally we are done with that. If you like this article please share it on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.


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