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By | September 25, 2016

Best AdBlocker For PC

Hi, visitor welcome to PCTric. In this article, I will let you know which is best adblocker for pc this works for Windows 7,8,8.1,10, Linux, and Mac As well. Each and every day we will search for something on the internet. Most probably we will go with Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and etc. They provided with a list of websites. There are different types of websites, like Blogs, Forums, and Websites (Contains files along with content). No one publishes their blog for nothing everyone needs some money. How they will earn money from their websites, by displaying ads. If the ads are relevant then it’s fine. But what we expect from the blog.

Some clear information about what we are searching for. If it is okay we will be happy and we appreciate their effort. But when we open some website what if it always displaying popups whenever we scroll down or scroll up or when we click on the site. It’s really like hell to deal such kind of websites. This is one scenario and one more scenario is like while watching movies or videos on youtube they will come up with ads again. You know how bad it is for us if we are watching a very interesting scene or climax of a movie. I know we are very experienced about that.

In this article, I list you some of the ad blockers available for different browsers. you decide which is best ad-blocker for pc or for your browser. You can watch youtube videos without ads. You can browse without popups.

Best AdBlocker/Blockers For Firefox

1# AdBlocker Ultimate

This is the best adBlocker I have experienced so far for firefox. Works very fantastic. I will let you know how to install AdBlocker Ultimate on firefox. I will explain step by step rather than a story kind of thing.

Step 1#

Open Add-ons Tab on Your Firefox browser or Press Ctrl + Shift + A

Step 2#

Search For AdBlocker Ultimate

Step 3#

Add To Firefox and Enjoy

Install AdBlocker Ultimate For FireFox

AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate For Google Chrome

AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate For Opera

AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate
Price: Free

What is special in AdBlocker Ultimate ??

You will find how many ads blocked till the time. You can add websites to except AdBlocker Ultimate on them. You will see when you install it on your browser. And don’t forget to read the major advantage to watch youtube videos without textual ads.

If you find any difficulties in installing AdBlocker Ultimate on FireFox just let me know. Don’t be panic put a comment I will be there always to help you.

Ad-Aware Ad Block Best AdBlocker for Pc

Just follow the same steps what I’ve mentioned above. It is very easy to install any add-on on firefox. If you face any issue bring it to me. I will help you.

What Ad-Aware Ad Block do for your browser ??

Whatever the things they have mentioned.

1.Blocks banner ads and pop-ups making websites look cleaner and speeding up your browsing.

2.Stops websites from injecting video ads before you view your content.

3. Protects your privacy and hides your digital footprint by removing tracking scripts. More than enough in my consideration.

4. Blocks dangerous files from being downloaded to your computer. I like it and you too.

5. Warns you against sites which try to steal information by impersonating your bank. So pretty cool stuff right.

Ad-Aware ad block for Firefox

adaware ad block
adaware ad block
Developer: Adaware
Price: Free

Ad-Aware ad Block for Chrome

Adaware Ad Block
Adaware Ad Block
Developer: adaware.com
Price: Free


AdBlock Plus Best AdBlocker for Pc

Again do the same to install AdBlock plus on your browser. There is nothing to do more than that. Simply superb you can disable AdBlock Plus on your favorite sites.

AdBlock Plus For Firefox

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus
Developer: Adblock Plus
Price: Free

AdBlock Plus For Chrome

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus
Developer: adblockplus.org
Price: Free

AdBlock Plus For Opera

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus
Price: Free


Additional Tips To Watch YouTube Videos Without Text Advertisements ?

While watching videos we will come up with some ads like subscribe for more videos and some blah blah. We can remove them also. Here we go.

You should have AdBlocker Ultimate on your browser. If it is not already installed then install AdBlocker Ulitmate on your browser.

Steps To Follow

1# Click On AdBlocker Ultimate Icon

2# Select 2nd Option Block Element

3# Click on the Link which is shown in Youtube video Subscribe For More Videos or Something Like that.

4#  You will Get Two Options Block Similar Elements on Every Website. You can see the below Image

adblocker ultimate for firefox

5# Click On Preview Button

6# Click On Block and Enjoy ?

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I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are not able to understand something related to this article please let me know. If you think it is helpful for your best buddies don’t forget to share ?.

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