Basic Add-ons For FireFox You Should Use [2016]

By | October 26, 2016

Hi, Everyone in this article I will let you know the basic add-ons for Firefox those really saves your day. Firefox plugins are like shortcuts by which you can surf the web easily and comfortably. Every day we will surf the internet for some information. Watch youtube videos, read news, write something, chat with friends, and so many. To surf, the web without ads is difficult until and unless if you don’t know about AdBlockers. You can watch youtube videos without ads. Sometimes we will write official emails to our managers. It will good if we are very good at English. What if we are very bad at English grammar ? Don’t worry we can make it easy with the Grammarly plugin. Here we go with some best and basic add-ons for firefox.

Basic Add-ons For Firefox


Grammarly is an awesome add-on for Firefox. You can manage your grammar skills with Grammarly. It is free of cost for basic grammar correction. We can upgrade to avail all the features of Grammarly. Even I am also using now. I hope you understand my problem. Add Grammarly for Firefox now and solve your problems.You can Add that here are two best methods to Grammarly Premium Free account with life time access

Grammarly for Firefox
Grammarly for Firefox
Developer: Grammarly
Price: Free

AdBlocker Ultimate

The best adblocker that I have used till now. You really love this once you start using this. We can block Pop-up ads,banner ads, and spammy ads. We can see the number of ads blocked. If you are a youtube lover then blindly add adBlocker ultimate to your firefox. Watch youtube videos even without text ads like Subscribe for more or relative video links.

AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate

Emoji KeyBoard

One more best add-ons for firefox you should try. We will chat with friends if you don’t have emojis to post them then you can go with Emoji Keyboard. Commenting on the blog or writing an article and wanna insert an emoji instead of explaining your feeling then you should try this ?. Just like that ? . Just try Emoji Keyboard for Firefox.

Youtube Audio And Video Downloader

Watching videos on youtube and want to download the videos just one click to download in any quality. Don’t want to download video and want only audio then try with this download only audio in 128Kbps or even best. You can visit youtube directly just by clicking. You can download videos faster. If you don’t believe me just try yourself. Make sure that you have the internet connection ?.


Final Words

This is about basic add-ons for firefox to make things easy for your day. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you don’t understand something in this article just drop a comment. Drop those add-ons if you think they are really helpful. I will keep on updating with new ones. Please share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn if you can. Just keep visiting to know & try something new on your regular day.


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