How to Access Restricted Sites on Android phone,Tablet,Mobile

By | September 17, 2016

Hi Guys, In this article I will make you understand how to access restricted sites on android devices. It might be a android phone or tablet. Many times we can’t access few websites from our school, college workplace and at some public places. Organizations or universities think that if they got access to social media they will addict to it. But it is good to know what actually happening outside. Few websites blocked due to some restrictions by the government.

Here I am going to tell you one method to access restricted sites and no more stuff like modifying DNS settings blah blah. There are many ways but I hope this will be easiest way for you. You can access the restricted websites from any place with this method.

Note: I am not responsible for any kind of misuse of the below content. I am just sharing the knowledge over here.

We will quickly go through it.

OrFox : Tor Browser For Android

Tor browser we heard about this. The Tor browser secures you by skipping your interchanges around an appropriated system of transfers keep running by volunteers all around the globe. It counteracts some individual viewing your Internet association from realizing what locales you visit, it will keep the destinations you visit from taking in your physical area, and it gives you a chance to get to destinations which are blocked.

Then what is OrFox ??

download orfox for android

Orfox is also similar to Tor browser. I mean the source code that orFox is build upon. With this browser you are able to access restricted sites from anyplace.Safe as well as secure way to access restricted sites. You are able to bookmark the sites and addons built in. Little more about Tor!

We’he gotten very used to the internet we are constantly sharing information about ourselves and our private lives. Food we eat people we meet,places we go, and the stuff we read. Let me explain it better.right at this moment , if someone attempts to look you up,they will see your real identity,precise location,operating system,all the sites you’ve visited the browser you use to surf the web,and so much more information about you and your life.which you probably didn’t mean to share with unknown strangers,who could easily use this data to exploit you.

But not if you’re using TOR!. Tor browser protects our privacy and identity on the internet.Tor secures your connection with three layers of encryption. And passes it through three voluntarily operated servers around the world.Which enables us to communicate anonymously over the internet. Tor also protects our data against corporate or government targeted and mass surveillance. Perhaps you live in a repressive country which tries to control and surveill internet.Or perhaps you don’t want big corporations taking advantage of your personal information.

Tor makes all of its users to look the same. which confuses the observer and makes you anonymous.So the more people use the tor network the stronger it gets.As it’s easier to hide in a crowd of people who look exactly the same.

By using tor ,the sites you visit won’t even know who you are.From what part of the world you’re visiting them,unless you login and tell them so.

You can download OrFox from Google playstore with free of cost. In order to access restricted websites on tor you need to install OrBot Proxy with Tor.

Why Orbot : Proxy with Tor and what it will do ??

download orbot app for android

Orbot is a free intermediary application and that enables different applications to utilize the web more safely. Orbot utilizes Tor to encode your Internet activity and send to the series of computes across world.

Tor is free programming and an open system that helps you shield against a type of system reconnaissance that undermines individual opportunity and protection, private business exercises and connections, and state security known as movement examination.

Download Orbot & Orfox and install both applications on your device. Orbot is also works as VPN for your device. This is how to access restricted sites on android phone.



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