3 Tips For Taking Faster Screen Shots in Windows 10 (2016)

By | September 17, 2016

Some times we are in urge to take screen shots of our work. We don’t like to open tools or some other softwares to take screen shots. In most of the keyboards one special key is provided to take screen shots easily. When coming to windows 10 it is very easy to take screen shots. I’ve mentioned the special key which is located on the right side top corner. The key is abbreviated as PrtScr or PrtScn or PrtSc just like Print Screen. In Windows 10 by pressing that key the screen will be captured. But the storage location will be changed.

There are less demanding and quicker approaches to get your screen in Windows. Furthermore, no, it doesn’t require one of those costly applications. Here’s the means by which you can do it  without introducing another software.

take screenshots in windows faster

Tip 1# :

With Windows 10 , a new screen capture hotkey combination was introduced. Press Print Screen Button along with Windows button

(Windows + PrtScr)

The Captured image will be saved in Pictures → Screenshots directory. You don’t need to save it manually it will automatically save to that directory. The screen will blink for milliseconds that is the indication that the screen has captured.

Tip 2#:

Press Alt + PrScr . The screen captured and the picture will be saved to OneDrive.

After pressing the above combination you will get the notification that te Screenshot was added to OneDrive when you click on it you will be moved to that directory.

This method is good because if your local machine got crashed your screenshots will be saved forever. You can simply login to your OneDrive account you can download.

Tip 3#:

Press PrtScr. The screen will be saved to OneDrive. It is also very similar to tip 2#. After you pressing the key the screen will be captured and saved to onedrive. You will get notification about that.

We have snippig tool by default but we need to open it and we have to select the option then only we can proceed. If you want to capture particular part of your screen then better go with snipping tool. It will take very clear screenshots.


Complete List and Storage Locations :

Key                                     Location

PrtScr                                OneDrive

Alt + PrtScr                       OneDrive

Windows + PrtScr             ..\Pictures\Screenshots


Just Keep visiting for more tips. Have a nice day 🙂

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